Timbaland in the studio with Jay-Z… and Nas… and JT…!! (But is Pharrell hiding?)

Everyone who knows Jay-Z or Nas backstory knows that these two had one of the most spoked about beefs in hip-hop history, and fans from both camps still debate to this day on whether or not it is Takeover or Ether that is the better diss track. In later years the two made up and have even worked together on a few occasions, but one should know that it is still something special about seeing Jay-Z and Nas together. Which is why a picture that recently surfaced on Instagram showing Tim having a good time in the studio with both JT, Jay-Z and Nas is something more than just a picture.


And by getting yet another picture of Tim and Jay in the studio, it’s getting more and more safe to say that Timbaland will play a significant part in Jay-Z yet unannounced but surely upcoming album.

But wait!!

If you look at another recently published Instagram picture, with Pharrell and JT, you may notice that JT is wearing the exact same outfit in both pictures! May it even be so that it is Pharrell himself that is taking the above picture of the group. But even if not, he was most likely not all that far away…